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Forged Steel



代表作であるTorqued Ellipsesシリーズや、加硫ゴム、鉛、鋼などを用いた作品など長い彼のキャリアにおける作品が網羅されています。


  □書籍 Richard Serra Forged Steel / 144 pages / ¥4.480 (webstore)


Published on the occasion of Richard Serra’s (born 1939) 2015 exhibition Equal at David Zwirner,
New York, this catalogue is the first in-depth overview of the artist’s works in forged steel.
While he had already become known for his works in vulcanized rubber, lead and steel, Serra first began using forged steel after encountering a large-scale forge at a steel mill in Germany in 1977. Unlike casting, wherein steel is heated until molten and poured into a mold, forging is the process of changing metal’s shape while in a solid state, through extreme heat and pressure.


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