Chris Burden



Chris Burden. Coordinated Fred Hoffmann

Chris Burden is a seminal figure in contemporary art. His performances in the 1970s redefined the possibilities of the medium; his subsequent sculpture and installations have sought to extend the limits of the physical and explore the psychological impact on the individual of actions and objects in the world. This book, the first substantial monograph on Burden in twenty years, gives a complete overview of his art, illuminated by searching texts by some of the most important curators and writers on art today and supported by a complete catalogue. Edited in close collaboration with the artist, its thematic arrangement reveals the conceptual relationships between works produced in widely differing mediums. Illustrated with all the major works by the artist, and with many unrealized projects, Chris Burden is the definitive book on one of the most influential and controversial artists of recent decades.


  ▫️Chris Burden. Coordinated Fred Hoffmann  / 415 pages  / ¥8,980


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