TUKI Pajama Pants-2


TUKI Pajama Pants /  Color White 


Col 00 white  / 09 black / 37 navy blue

100% ring-spun cotton,  very simple and light-weight plain sheeting by old shuttle loom, starched, piece dyed by reactive, shrinkage about 2-3% wben washed


Starched and non-washed back-to-front silhouette like-a-pocket fly front Iherming bone ootton tape inside belt no-drawstrings hip-hugger style) /plastic buttons/draping cut on front side



knowledge of  TUKIIn 2004 Kosuke Harada started Tuki in Okayama, Japan.

We are not trained professionally and we have no experience to study under well-known designer.
Both of us like a new and exciting thing, and have a defiant attitude.
Factories and craftsmen are our superior teachers.
We design small numbers of pants for unisex. Our small collections have both senses of Oriental and Western, Mode and Crafts.


TUKI Pajama Pants-3

□1950′s  US Sleeping L/S Shirt / ¥10,800

□Vintage Nike Air Jordan 6  Shoes

□TUKI Pajamas / white (webstore)


TUKI Pajama Pants Blk-3

TUKI Pajama Pants-1

□Token Surfboards  Black Cap / ¥ 6,980

□Vintage 1980′s Jimmy’s  L/S Shirt

□TUKI Pajamas / black / (webstore)