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Invisible Man / Jeff Wall


ラルフ・エリソン 小説『見えない人間(Invisible Man)』を題材にした地下室も収録。

1952年刊のラルフ・エリソン 小説『見えない人間(Invisible Man)』。米国の人種差別社会の中で、黒人が白人には見えない存在となっていく苦悩を描く、戦後アメリカの小説。


   ▫️”Jeff Wall” / Museum of Modern Art 2007 / 167 pages  / ¥4,280


Over the past three decades, Vancouver artist Jeff Wall’s large color transparencies have won international acclaim. Wall has created a unique, seductive and complex pictorial universe by drawing upon philosophy, literature, nineteenth-century painting, Neo-Realist cinema and the traditions of both Conceptual art and documentary photography. Organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Wall’s 2007 American traveling retrospective will include all of the artist’s major works to date. In addition to color plates and illuminating details, the exhibition catalogue includes an essay by Peter Galassi that explores the full range of Wall’s artistic and intellectual interests and offers fresh perspectives on one of the most adventurous creative achievements of our time. The essay is followed by an interview with the artist by James Rondeau, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, where the exhibition will be on view during the Summer of 2007. Also available from The Museum of Modern Art, New York: Jeff Wall: Selected Essays and Interviews.


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