TUKI Combat Pants 3-1

knowledge of  TUKI

In 2004 Kosuke Harada started Tuki in Okayama, Japan.

We are not trained professionally and we have no experience to study under well-known designer.
Both of us like a new and exciting thing, and have a defiant attitude.
Factories and craftsmen are our superior teachers.
We design small numbers of pants for unisex. Our small collections have both senses of Oriental and Western, Mode and Crafts.

TUKI Combat Pants 3-2 TUKI Combat Pants 3-3 TUKI Combat Pants 3-4


TUKI Combat Pants 4-1

▫️TUKI Combat Pants /Color Navy / ¥32.000 (Without Tax)

▫️Vintage 1970′s Leather JKT

▫️Camber Moc Tee/ ¥7,480

▫️Dead Stock Military Leather Shoes/ ¥15,800






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